Adult Gi

Adult gi jj provides a structured and traditional approach to learning and practicing American Jiu-Jitsu, focusing on technique, strategy, and respect for the martial art’s lineage and heritage. The gi, also known as a kimono, is the traditional uniform worn. It consists of a jacket, pants, and belt. The gi not only serves as clothing but also provides grips and handles that practitioners can use to control their opponents. Training offers numerous benefits, including physical fitness, self-defense skills, mental discipline, stress relief, and a sense of community among practitioners. It’s a challenging yet rewarding martial art that appeals to individuals of all ages and backgrounds

Adult No-gi

No-Gi focuses on the same principles of grappling, submissions, and positional control as traditional Gi jiu jitsu, but without the added grips and handles provided by the gi. This means practitioners rely more on body positioning, control, and transitions using the friction of the opponent’s skin and clothing. No-gi offers a different but equally valuable experience compared to traditional gi JJ, emphasizing adaptability, speed, and dynamic grappling techniques. Many practitioners choose to train in both gi and no-gi to develop a well-rounded skill set that translates across various grappling scenarios. 


Kids classes typically start by introducing children to the basic concepts and movements of Jiu-Jitsu. This includes learning fundamental positions, such as mount, guard, and side control, as well as basic submissions and escapes. Kids Jiu jitsu goes beyond just teaching martial arts techniques; it also instills important life skills and values in children. These may include discipline, respect, confidence, teamwork, perseverance, and problem-solving skills, with an emphasize on the importance of respect for instructors, training partners, and oneself. Classes are often designed to be fun and engaging. Instructors may incorporate games, drills, and activities that help children develop skills while enjoying themselves. 

Pricing and membership

All memberships have no contracts and no cancellation fees and include unlimited training.


$130/month ($50 startup fee)

$390 3 months up front (No start up fee)

$660 6 months up front (No start up fee) Most popular
Includes free gi

Kids Youth program

$120/month ($30 startup fee)

$360 3 months up front (No start up fee)

$600 6 months up front (No start up fee) Most popular
Includes free gi

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